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Happy 3rd Birthday to Quin!

Mom says that one day she wrestled a hug from me and breathed in realized that I went from baby to little boy in an instant.  Maybe it's a Mom thing, but she said that all of a sudden I smelled like little boy not a little baby.  So here I am at 3 years old.  Ask me my name and I will even say "Big Quin".

These days I am obsessed with trains.  My favorite toys are trains and puzzles.  I'm so grown up I'm even potty training (though Mom now realizes that it isn't the 'long weekend' process she thought it was.  She says she'd rather give birth again than potty train another kid).  Big boy or not, there's still nothing like an ice cold glass of milk and a good snuggle in the morning.

Jan '06 - Mom's not sure if 'they' are going to be more upset over letting me play with the lit sparkler or the beer...

But they taught me to hold it away from my face...

Then again they shouldn't have let me drive the tractor...

But man was this fun...

Or ride on the 4 wheeler by myself...

But Uncle Scott and Cousin Sydney took me for a ride.

And sometimes you just can't make nap time.

The bare chested young artist at work in Feb 06

Still playing Patti Cake with Granny

Mom sure is getting fat. Says there's a baby in there so I gave her some of my milk

I even checked my blood pressure like Mom had to.

Oh the crazy days of being an only spoiled child

What do you mean spoiled? With just a FEW trains.

Yep, just me and Dad doing some early Nascar prep

Just me and Dad swinging. What a great life being an only child...


Is it really staying? But is CRIES. Will it get on me?

Look ma no hands!

I'll even give it Hippo if it will just quit crying!

It is kind of sweet, are y'all sure it's staying?

The Gable's at Easter

Crawfish Handlers at a bug boil April '06

With Grandma and the Clingans around Memorial Day

One little boy is the copper tone baby. The other little boy is advertising a new sunscreen called total eclipse. With Patrick Clingan memorial day.

Gable babies on the bug mat

A smoothie acrobat

Asked Mom what potty training was. She said it was where you stayed outside with no pants until ...

It really is kind of cute.

Nope, she can't have Hippo no matter how cute.

Here's your paci baby sister.

Hey, it was my saucer first!

Quin and Bailey on her baptism day.

Hanging with Mimi at my birthday party.

Uncle B - nough said.

Live helped me with my presents!

Wow! The Thomas Roundhouse thanks Granny!

Look! Thomas on the balloons!

And here comes Thomas...

With Liv ready to go for a swim on my birthday!

Tall skinny 3 year old Quin

See? It wasn't Mom that taught me to suck my thumb.

3 year old Quin

With Mom on the first day of Preschool - Wee 3's

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