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About 10 to 11 months pics ...

 What a busy few months!  We had Memorial Day fun then went to Oregon to see Great Grandma

and Grandpa Gable.  We got our first haircut and had a big Fourth of July and fun week with Syd.

Then to top it all off we got to go over for Grandpa's birthday.  Not to mention learning to walk...

See my outfit you bought me Grandma?

Dad this water is freezing! - Memorial Day

It's a hard life.

Ok, here's how you tie a really good knot.

Cathy brought me gifts!

The Gable Men. Great Grandpa, Me and Daddy

Great Grandma Gable and Me

Look at Great Grandma's puppy!

Tyler let me play his Gameboy!

Me and my buddy (cousin) Tyler

Tyler, Great Grandma and Me

The Gable Clan

More Gable Clan pics from our trip to Oregon

Daddy am I gonna look like that guy behind me?

See my new haircut?

Mini Me - Mom says she was just an incubator for a clone.

Owen and Quin at 11 months

Playing ball with Dad

Sarah's teaching me how to read.

I learned how to walk about 11 months.

And how to fall down.

Syd getting a smooch from Dad July 4th

Sydney the little firecracker!

Mom says this is why we live here.

Me and Syd celebrating Grandpa and Papa Joe's birthdays.

Sydney and Grandpa

Sydney, Grandpa and Me

Sydney Grandpa Me and Grandma

Sydney Quin, Superstar! Modeling her pigtails on summer vacation at Auntie Coco's

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